What is greatOPlus Feed Nutrient?

greatOPlus Feed Nutrient is a performance feed ingredient designed to optimally deliver naturally better Omega-3s. Using proprietary technology, greatOPlus Feed Nutrient delivers enhanced animal performance and superior levels of Omega-3s to meat, milk and eggs when added to your existing feed as a supplement.

greatOPlus Feed Nutrient works…and it’s naturally better…

greatOPlus Feed Nutrient is built from a unique combination of flax and other ingredients blended and manufactured by a proprietary process designed to deliver more biologically effective Omega-3s per pound than traditional feeds and feed supplements.  


greatOPlus Feed Nutrient - easy to handle, great storage, great results

Built on the well-known Omega-3 content of flax, greatOPlus Feed Nutrient is delivered as a stable, easy to store, easy to blend flowable granular with excellent shelf life. Blending greatOPlus Feed Nutrient with your existing feed has never been easier.

In farm operations, greatOPlus Feed Nutrient can deliver improved:**

  • Feed conversion in layers
  • Bird handling with reduced barn stress in poultry
  • Milk production in dairy cows
  • Conception rates in swine, dairy, and beef cattle
  • Calf ADG
  • Omega-6:3 ratios and reduced inflammation in all livestock

In processor applications, greatOPlus Feed Nutrient can deliver improved:**

  • Carcass quality and USDA grades
  • Marbling in market hogs and beef

In consumer applications, greatOPlus Feed Nutrient can deliver improved:**

  • Taste and consumer experience
  • Omega-3 levels and Omega 6:3 ratios in meat, dairy, and eggs

How greatOPlus Feed Nutrient delivers superior Omega-3 levels to your consumers*

64% of consumers are trying to eat more protein, and 37% are trying to get more Omega-3s[1].  Using NBO3 Technology, greatOPlus Feed Nutrient hits the best Omega-3 numbers and the best Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio in the industry. Fight inflammation by getting the Omega-6 to Omega-3 balance right for your market livestock, and right for your consumers.

[1]International Food Information Council Annual Consumer Health Survey, 2016


*We will work with you to tailor the feed rate to meet your Omega-3 goals.
**Animal benefits depend on many factors and are not guaranteed.