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Pork Benefits

By using our product we can give you a healthier, faster growing, premium pork that will give you peace of mind and improve ROI.

High Quality Pork With High Quality Products - Great O Plus is a flexible product designed with ease of use in mind.

With a low use rate and high results you don’t have to change your entire feed program to incorporate Great O Products. 

By using our patent pending extrusion process we maximize the nutrient absorption into your drove of production pigs.  Our product is based on flaxseed and our own nanno algae, these ingredients combined give you the increase and balance of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids that show benefits that are endless. 

We have proven that we can reduce mortality in weanlings, as well as increase marbling in finished pigs, and improve rate of gain all while using only a %2.5 inclusion rate.

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