greatOPlus Feed Nutrient for Layers

With greatOPlus Feed Nutrient you can use less feed to get the same egg weight and egg Omega-3 composition, while delivering to consumers premium-priced, better-for-you eggs.

HOW? By replacing other protein and high fat sources with greatOPlus Feed Nutrient, you can see impressive increases in animal performance and definitive egg consistency, which deliver you greater efficiency and greater profitability per layer and per egg.


How greatOPlus Feed Nutrient delivers superior Omega-3 levels to table eggs*

Using NBO3 Technology, greatOPlus Feed Nutrient hits the big Omega-3 numbers and the best Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio in the industry. Fight inflammation by getting the Omega-6 to Omega-3 balance right for your hens, and right for your customers.

In layers, our Omega-3s can help deliver**:

  • Improved feed conversion per dozen eggs
  • Improved bird handling by reducing barn stress
  • Reduce stress from high heat and humidity
  • Improved overall bird health

*Animal benefits depend on many factors and are not guaranteed.
**We will work with you to tailor the feed rate to meet your Omega-3 goals.