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Dairy Benefits

Low use rate and ease of use will make Great O Products an easy fit into your current dairy program.

Great O Products are a premium dairy feed supplement with a focus on increased production while lowering overall feed costs. 

Our patent pending extrusion process coupled with premium products allows your dairy herd to absorb and utilize our Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid product with great efficiency. 

A product like this is unseen for overall animal health benefits.  By creating a healthier herd we are seeing an increase in milk production, also we can cut out use of the current bypass fats that come at a costly price tag to you.

Case Study

A controlled feed trial was performed at a Pennsylvania dairy since May of 2020.  The basis of the trial was the reduction of expensive bypass fats and yeast based pre-biotic aids.  The herd was fed a 50% reduction of bypass fats and 100% of the yeast products with the swap for GO+ Omega-3 feed for a significant reduction in the cost of feed.

The chartered producer saw a significant reduction in the effect of heat stress that was higher than normal.  The fat and protein drop of the heat cycle was approximately 50% of the normal drop off.   The cattle have maintained or improved body score while production of milk over the lactation cycle was improved by 1.6%, fat content was improved by 1.5%, protein was improved by 2.7%,  and total solids in the milk improved by 1.4%.  All of these improvements were recognized with a lower cost of TMR.


Here’s what Naturally Better GO+ has done for other dairy operators:

  • Reduced heat stress

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Improved reproductive health & conception rates

  • Improved milk production

  • Improved calf ADG

  • Improved Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio

  • Improved the auto-immune system

  • Improved untried absorption for better feed conversation

  • Improved marbling in the meat cuts of spent cows

  • Improved hoof health

  • Improved tolerance of stress conditions

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