Beef Feed


Multiple benefits

Great O Products are low-use, value-added fat supplement that provides multiple benefits to your beef program.

Our patent pending extrusion process allows the rumen to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients of our product that will pay you back dividends. 


Flaxseed + Nanno Algae base ingredients

Having a flaxseed and our own nanno algae for base ingredients, we load and balance your beef with Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (Omega-3) so you can reap the benefits across any program.  We have studied and seen reproductive productivity in cows as well as semen quality in bulls increase by implementing Great O Plus Products. 


An Increase in
calf weight

Also we have seen an increase in calf weight at weaning of over 40lbs by simply including our product, this does continue into a feeder program with improved rate of gain.  If you are an all natural or part of the NHTC program, our product is qualified for that and will provide better herd health, ultimately reducing death loss and use of antibiotics.  Low feeding rate of ½ to 1 ½ pounds a day keeps cost down and does not require you to revamp a current feed program.  We also offer several different delivery methods to suit your needs, meal, pellet, cube and tub form are all available. 

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