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Located in the heartland of America and next to Kansas State University, one of the top agricultural research institutions in the country; we have studied extensively the vast benefits of Omega-3 balancing and Omega-3 inclusion to help various species become their very best.

Great O Feed, developed by the NBO3 team, was founded in 2012 in Manhattan, KS.  We have our own internal R&D and testing lab staffed by experienced personnel.

Through multiple research studies with Kansas State University and regional Chartered Producers we have proven that our product increases productivity in almost any situation.

We have done both in house as well as university studies to compile a mass of information to provide to you on what Omega-3 feeding will do to you current feeding operation across all major Species.  We have Omega-3 feeding information on Beef, Dairy, Swine, and Poultry.  So if you are in the business of feeding any of these animals, we have the expertise to help you upgrade your current program.

From improving reproductive success in heifers to producing a higher quality egg in layers, or reducing death rate of young pigs, if you have a point you want to improve in your program, NB03’s products and team will help you maximize your animal performance and return on investment.

You’ve heard the benefits, let us prepare a feed quote for you and your team.


Dan Dhuyvetter PH.D

VP Beef Sales & Technical Services

zach richard

Feed Mill Manager

Leonard Underwood

Nutritional Services

Bob Danler Ph.D

Director R&D,
Lab & QC Operations

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You’ve heard the benefits, let us prepare a feed quote for you and your business.